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She spent a lifetime looking
In her palm for answers
Written in bold CAPS
In her pair of obscene eyes.

Too close to see herself through
The only eyes she could trust,
Blinded by a cunning persuasion
Of fiction and magic tricks.

Swayed by slight of hand
To an inferiority complex,
She opens wide her knees
For a fleeting ilk of acceptance.

The stench of her face powder is
Like incense in a satanic ritual.
Smoking for a slender figure;
Thin like the hymen she lost.

What happened to the dreams?
To love and simplicity?
What happened to naivety,
Cake and conscious futility?

Holding hands with bae,
Smile to spite each other’s eyes.
When you see a naked tree
You close our eyes.

Who auctioned your innocence?

Maybe the fault in our stars
Is not cancer, Bill Cosby
Or the cosmological axis of evil,
But our inability to look at self.

I wish I could lend you my eyes
For you to see self from them;
Cross my heart you are
Like the orchids of Ecuador!