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Break time just ended and Sean sees Liz walking down the hall towards the library.

Sean: Hey, Liz, when is the thingy?

Liz: Whatchu twerking about?

Sean: The thing, you tubelight!

Liz: Careful now; I’ll eat you up!

Sean: Bitch, please!

Liz: Hey, chillax, man! Don’t purge your frustration on me. Take it out on Jessica, or something.

Sean: What did you say? Eyes painfully contracted. Explain quickly before I double down on….

Liz: Interjects. Dude, eh-body knows bitch was humping Malcolm at the hideout. She pro..ly getting dick. 

Sean: Looks at her in askance.  And you think I give a shit? You really think Jessica shit would fuck up a nigga day? 

Liz: Your fronting is lousy, dude! I know you. Hard on the outside but soft as fuck. 

Sean: Urgh, did you just disappear up your ass? Moves his hands as if he’s reaching out for words, except literally. Listen, Jessica aint for keeps. I just smash her on cold days. Why you gotta turn up on me about your sins?

Liz: Yeah, right; straight to the victim role! Dude, I told you that my …rents do ‘stock take’ on me every month. Know shit they do to you if I lost my virginity?

Sean: Well, I wasn’t talking about…

Liz: Yeah, right! The fronting gets old, man! And why do I feel like I’m the guy here? 

Sean: Okay, chillax now…Straight face.

Liz: Why you gotta be like that, dude? 

Sean: Anal?

Liz: Hahaha, (laughs and then says with a straight face) what tube you watching? Anal, really? That’s some gay shit…

Sean: Wait, what’s wrong with gays?

Liz: Exactly! When gays do it, it’s cool but…oh, well, I’m not gonna take in anything to my ass the very first time I have sex. That’s like a super low, man!

Sean: Thank gawd for Jessi…

Liz: Shut up! She pauses and thinks. I could give you a hard time if I put it in between my thighs. Heard it feels like sex if you do it right. 

Sean: Heard?

Liz: Shit might not get me far, though- libido issues, so you gonna have to eat me up, afterwards. And yeah, s-sorta heard! 

Sean: Liz?

Liz: I used to do that with Malcolm and…

Sean: Wait, the Malcolm?

Liz: Nyuh She responds reluctantly.

Sean: Son of a….

Liz: Yeah, the cracking begins! What was that again?

Sean: What?

Liz: The thingy you were asking about?

Sean: Oh, it’s…it’s..he scratches his head.

Liz: The new episode of Rick and Morty, you dummy! Who is the tubelight now? She clicks her tongue, turns and walks away.