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The card games get old
Wrinkled by monotony.
The deck feels heavy 
For any slight of hand.

You break a few bones
Trying to hide the magic.
You twist a hand in frustration
Over a tough audience.

You let your mind stray,
By lies from a Satanic bible.
You sell Lucy your soul
So you can buy sleeping pills.

The sleep never comes,
She hates you with passion.
The sun shifts to give you shadow
In a winter that freezes time.

The chaotic cosmos team up;
So much for a common interest.
Shifts the position of your world
To align with the axis of evil.

You know what you did,
You know what you’re doing.
The stars in your eyes
Are becoming black holes.

Lust is a prequel to sin;
Sin to perdition.
Slash your own wrists than die over Intellectual Property violation.

But she is smart?
Yeah, and so is Lucy.
Who is Lucy?
Lucifer, dummy!