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I followed his gaze
To a venomous scorpion nest;
I saw dense hatred in his eyes,
Like an anatomical impossibility.

Hatred of a fellow black man,
Projected from a hatred of self:
An unresolved loathe for a father
Who gave him a shiny nose.

I wanted to tie him up,
Trade his soul for that of Cecil the lion,
For Cecil loved the soil more
Than this tree trunk.

He flaunted like a butterfly;
I hate butterflies 
That hate cocoons and catapilers
With a passion of Christ.

Racist preferences smuggled
Under the banner of intellect;
A nigga gone, poof!
Even his taste of women was racist.

Tata Madiba raises his middle finger,
Sobs then vows to hammer down the
Last nail for a nigga coffin only
Because he can’t deny him existence.

If it were allowed, CERN would
Produce anti-matter to poof
Off a faulty black man from 
Occupying space in blasphemy.

Trynna build the tower of Babel
Standing on nigga shoulders?
A Napoleon in an animal farm
Trynna hide his tail.

Where was you when Cole
Screamed LOVE YOURS?
You traded Kendrick’s albums
For Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton.

I followed his gaze to
A venomous scorpion nest;
I saw his family in there
Biding time to bite anything black.

I ran away at the speed of light!
Just to freeze time and think.
Arrived home to a funeral,
My friend’s heart was missing.

Some Zulu guy probably traded
It for an iPhone.
The lightning that will strike you
Is hanging out with Dwayne Johnson!