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Last night my mind raced
So fast I lost weight.
Chasing a fleeting feeling
Intricate as the light spectra.

I grappled with it and it fought me 
Off with a passion of Christ;
Left my mind twitching;
Symptomatic of Protagonist disease.

It receeded to distant galaxies
Using up my mitochondrial power;
I maintained my gaze with bravery
Like a professional porn actress.

Ignorance is the virginity
Equivalent to the mind,
And my hymen was torn to
What prisoners call rape.

A broken spine, an open mouth,
And soaking baby parts;
My big step into the event horizon
That swallowed up Nietzsche.

She shouldn’t exit!
She gave me a Mind-Body problem.
Except it’s my mind against
Her body; chest to chest.

Don’t pray for love!