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The human race is a marvel, you know? Just the human brain could be the greatest scientific beauty in our cosmos. We give it to the biolumiscent stars, the beatific rings of Jupiter,  the nothingness(or at least ultra vacuum) of some interstellar space etc. In fact, the fact that you have a brain is in itself virtually a grand impossibility. Having established that, it is poetic that many people fall prey to some simple glitches or tendencies of the minds.

An astounding fact about the status quo of things on earth is that black people contribute comparatively far less to extreme excellence. A notable example is in the field of scientific discovery. Just to make sure we are on the same page, are black people a different species from other races? No, and an immediate reason is that we can intercourse with other races and have fertile offspring. So where did we drop the ball exactly? What changed?

What’s the price for a black man’s life? I checked the toe tag, not one zero in sight; I turn the tv on, not one hero in sight, unless he dribbles or he fiddles with mics. ~J.Cole

In my opinion, the greatest challenge that stand in the way of black people in understanding themselves is the idea of unexplained preferences. This is basically symptomatic of the reluctance to question tendencies. Hopefully, I will be able to sustain this in this post.

Thought Experiment.

If you were asked to chose what drink to have from a variety, you happen to know only one brand and you chose that one, does your act qualify as a choice? Preference? Well, it would be just a default act, not intentional at all but then, what is wrong with that? Actually, that’s partly how some harmful tendencies that limit our understanding of self get smuggled into our thinking. The decent thing to do in that scenario is to persuade self that life should be intentional and whenever you aren’t, you lose a moment of self to an autopilot mode. Blacks can be thought of in that light and it explains so much about them. Us!

Weaves And Black Women.

Just recently, Kendrick Lamar released an album which featured a controversial track called Humble. In it he says, 

I’m so fuckin’ sick and tired of the Photoshop
Show me somethin’ natural like afro on Richard Pryor
Show me somethin’ natural like ass with some stretch marks ~
Kendrick Lamar

The controversy is obvious, of course: Black women felt like Kendrick was crossing lines by advocating for natural hair and basically taking a piss on Cosmetics and Photoshop. The major key there is the natural hair part.

If you go to any forums where people are discussing this you will realize that black women are just awfully defensive but there is no premise, really, to the preference of buying weaves, wigs etc. There is nothing objectively wrong in that, of course, but the scenario tells something subliminal; something pitiful. I know black hair is comparatively hard to maintain and this is not so much the problem as is the resolve to make billion dollar annual transactions in human hair with a black clientele. My mother used weaves. Rats, my sister had one on her wedding earlier this month. It is such a common trend that has a passionate defence from many black women across the globe. This unexplained preference has become quite dogmatic like the holy trinity. Actually, most black guys like it or at the very least have no problem with it. There you have it, a whole demography gone astray! Dafuq is wrong with you?

I have seen black hair look quite appealing and unique in some of my black sisters and I have been asked around by my Indian friends about this weaves thing enough to understand how degrading it is to have one. 

Instead of defending unexplained preferences, protect your dignity and your subconscious will believe that you are worthy of dignity and respect. Weaves are, in my opinion, a loud amalgam of inferiority complex, stupidity and lack of logical resolve.


U.S. congressman, Trey Gowdy, talked about a story of a 7 year(I think) old who was killed in a drive-by shooting at her birthday party. No witnesses would come through to testify despite many people having seen the car of the perpetrators and the people in it. If you tell on another black man it’s called snitching and it is the unforgivable sin in black culture. A good guess is that the idea forms from a distrust of police and also the idea of black community or family during the slavery era. The latter is more likely but if you ask a black man why he won’t snitch he will just answer you with blind insistence. The scenario actually circles back at them because black crime goes unresolved due to lack of evidence and that strengthens their distrust in the police and increases their sensitivity to racial interactions.

HIV and Sub-Saharan Africa

The HIV prevalence rate in Sub-Saharan Africa is astounding; well, only to people in foreign lands. I grew up persuaded that HIV was just as common in my country as anywhere else but actually, compared to a 15% or so prevalence rate of Zimbabwe, Afghanistan has a 0.01% prevalence rate. Actually, in South Africa, the government refuses to acknowledge the existence of the virus until 2005. More is the pity, when asked, most young people have strong opinions about condoms. Many think that it takes a fraction of the overall feel and some just fear to bring the subject up because it happens to be a sensitive one in orthodox African communities. There are some mind settings such that if a girl asks a guy to wear one, he’d either think she is cheating on him or she suspects he is. Nobody even knows that PEP therapy exists and this could be an incentive to reporting rap cases. 

Instead, we insist on preferences we cannot sustain and hence we create so many problems that it overwhelms us. We barely have time to think big because we are still having problems with small stuff. 

Being intentional in your life is the philosopher’s stone. Regulate logic with an active mindset, inquisitive, curious and with a decent suspicion of self and your preferences. I just want to see the first company to be started by a negroid in the fortune 500 in my life time. If we don’t change, nothing will. See you on the other side of the moon.

Or, if you have an opinion about this, my comment section counts you a blessing.

Herbert Chakurangeyi

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