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Fear talks in sublime,
Freeze in my tracks to listen;
He has a crunchy voice
Masculine as hip hop.

Oh, my, how I dab to him
When others scream Nay Nay!
The math of probabilities
Is quite the sexy constant.

Are you afraid?
Do you see the implicit beauty?
Will you close your eyes in cowardice
Or hold his gaze like a pornstar?

Maybe make a sex tape
To bottle abominable memories.
Maybe spasm simultaneously
And forgive ourselves afterwards.

Fear talks in sublime,
So much it inspires poetry.
Mistakes are the default label
We put on things in hindsight bias.

Let us make mistakes and
Label things in penance.
I will help you grab onto
Generous plausible deniability.

Maybe even help you paint
A therapeutic ghastly image of me
Just to put a handle on things
When Time comes calling.

If you won’t do me
At least do Fear;
He has a hairline and
Quite the tempting height.

Until that time,
I will hide behind my jokes
And remember you as the girl
Who cured my epileptic episodes.