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A trait of the progressive.

Solipsism gave us iPhone

And the pyramids of Giza.

Scientists are serial killers;

CERN, can’t wait!

We gave Harbor a Nobel,

He gave us the Holocaust.

Nurses are uncaring persons,

Occupational hazard.

Systematic error is assuming

White denotes purity.

Atheists are bitter people,

Agnosts are condescending.

Don’t say it out loud

But the religious are the worst.

I’m paranoid about

Scientists and serial killers.

I think nurses are irrelevant

And atheism is a religion.

Don’t judge me, please,

Judge the person who

Cut my umbilical code wrongly

About 22 years ago.

Now I will never wear crop tops.

My bicycle was having sentience today. Chain problems. Don’t know if it’s about the former owner or myself. Somebody, please, do a seance for Fraud!