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The sincerity in a lazy smile,

When it seems you lost all power,

When you give a deep sigh,

When we roam your dark alleys.

Dark alleys inside your head.

I sit your head on my lap

Counting heart beats.

Another deep sigh and whiney talk,

Amazed as you unwind time.

With cute small hands.

You reluctantly let it slide,

When my hand spoils a photo,

When I ask you about sex tapes.

You ignore a relic in my photo gallery.

You absorb all of me.

When you scroll down my writing,

Getting a spidery taste from it,

Still, you forgive, sigh deeply,

And add another dark secret.

Except you have talky eyes.

I look at them for things you don’t say,

Things you don’t dare say.

Explains why I never observed

The few eyebrows, btw.

I simply like you.

Last night I scrubbed my pic gallery,

And removed my privacy settings.

If that won’t slow down your heart beat,

Please, slow it down for me!

For Lovepilepsy.