, ,

A diamond in a solar storm,

In air surfeit with confusion and risk.

Contagious hilarity, overjoyed;

A cure for my epileptic episodes.

Except more!

A heartbeat that races clocks,

A hesitant demeanor,

A hack of my best intuition,

A beautiful vulnerability.

Except less!

Surety of assurance,

A religious faith and trust;

In reason, fairness and thinking,

Like an orthodox religion.

Except more!

Too much blasphemy,

Stacks, heads on stakes.

Beautiful assurance still,

In the goddess of my idolatry.

Except less!

Simplicity is currency in this,

Currency is the daunting part.

Question is if either were to fart

Would we laugh it off?

Except more!

If either shit on another’s face,

Will the other stand it?

Pessimism, No!

Storms in our lives are a promise.

More or less.

I love what we have,

So much it hurts

Like the bad words for jews,


More or less!

Til deep time when the

Stars in your eyes die.

Let’s send ripples in interstellar space;

Waves never die!