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There is a common systematic error in relationships; be it a religious one, a love relash etc.: People tend to evaluate information differently as they would normally, rarely inviting some basic principles of good interactions such as fairness, reason and sound thought.

Perhaps this stems from a common belief that Love is irrational or that Reason and Faith are mutually exclusive. Because such ilk of Love is unintentional, a plethora of mistakes and bad judgment is inevitable in the same sense of a blindfolded man trying to manage a way through a maze. Maybe a little more generous in the sense that the blindfolded man will have tricked his mind into thinking that there is ultimate fulfilment in just the walk itself. This is a classic case of lazy thinking, managing an easier target or a path of low resistance. This is a sustaining compromise probably aptly describable in the case of Religion.

A Christian learns to insist on Feminism and Bible, Evolution and Creation etc. The idea is to not invite any logical tools that threaten an emotional benefit and still sober up from the same when we are at a round table with some thoughtful friends. This is good enough to live through life but may not be the best way to go about it. In my opinion, a great life is a life of logical consistency and coherence.