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Thought experiments can be quite a thrill. Questioning things may not be just a benign sport but a habit that most intellectuals have nurtured to give the world everything we have come to know as beautiful. Perhaps most persons fear to spoil the taste of wine by knowing a little too much and maybe it’s not a moot concern but there is something…great about knowing and questioning stuff,even if you were wrong.

In one of my latest thought experiment I arrived to a conclusion that the Christian God is a pessimist. There is likely a way around the logic I used and maybe one apologetic can explain this away but, till then, hear me out.

According to Christian worldview, Jesus will come and rule the earth. Now, the problem lies in numbers. The number of people that have lived on earth since time, even if we were to assume that the earth is only six thousand years old, is a ridiculous lot. The earth’s resources won’t be able to sustained everyone. Hells, even space would be a problem. Wait, it is already a problem. In India, a square kilometer for about three hundred and thirty people is the population density. Well, who said that the so called ‘thousand years’ are for everyone? Exactly!

If you were to miss a somewhat mandatory flight and had to pay a penalty fee for that, how would your perception change if there was never enough seats for everyone to begin with? That’s pessimism.