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An Ocam’s razor cuts
Through concrete and metal;
The cunning irony is
You have to hold it by hand.

A stressful dilemma;
Simplicity and safety vs a soft palm.
A singularity in the philosophy
That gave us Socrates and Plato.

Use Ocam’s razor 
Or trust a creature to do right.
Trust a creature of habit,
Subject to self-truism like any other.

There is honor in trying;
Diligence in emotional hygiene.
Risk politely asks us to scrub off
Another’s untimely puke.

For Ocam’s razor can cut
Through anything but this truth:
We all need soft toys and punching bags.
Even the worst of us.


Would you pick a picture of your palmprint from a bunch? If you ignore what seems to be the most immediate implication you will realize that not being able to do so attests to our self-truism. We are busy trying to get others to know our palm prints.