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Do you look at the stars sometimes? Awful beauty, eish! They spend their lives shining and fighting off entropy. Yes, just like us. When Time, that unruly bastard comes knocking, do you know what stars do? The small ones fade off Supernova style. Terrible! It’s better to burn out than to fade out of sight. Passenger taught me that! Kids! The mature ones do it Black Hole style. They grab onto anything in their event horizon. Ever wanted a definition of courage and hope? 

Such a privilege to watch the stars! See, the dope stuff in life is free. Actually, when you see any star next time you’ll be time travelling years, thousands to millions of years into the past. The light rays have to travel ridiculous distances before they can grace our sky. Oh, and smile or wink at least once during the day when you can’t see the stars; it will be your turn to be seen by them.