Welcome to Woke

Hey, guys! How is it going? Haven’t been around for a few months, I apologize; had some goalkeeping to do. I was working on my debut book called Robbing Chance. It’s a total mind-munch; find it here! Thank you so much to all those who constantly reached out checking out on me. Y’all loved!

If you’re new to my blog, welcome! It’s mostly diversified poetry but I intend to write a little more on Psychology, Philosophy, Religion,…you get the point; the spidery thoughts!



QUOTE OF THE WEEK:  The boat may sink but I’m not gonna rock it cuz the sea doesn’t know my name. ~Passenger



16 thoughts on “Welcome to Woke

    1. Thanks, Rebecca. I’m a little better now. I went back to Zimbabwe. Will be resuming college this month. I will try write something a little after that. Thanks for thinking of me. Hope you are posting enough to keep me distracted when I get back.😉

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