Mr Ugly Contest, Zimbabwe

You’re so gonna flip a lid over this one! Yeah, it’s true; Zimbabwe has had an annual Mister Ugly contest four times now. The pageant organizer is a man by the name David who began the contest supposedly to remove the stigma of ugliness from society.

OMG, you’re thinking it! I kinda did too that’s why I looked him up on Facebook and here’s his pic, you judge for yourself if his vision was somewhat self-inspired lol.


So here’s the thing; I’ve haven’t attended the contest yet. Oh, geez! What did I just say? I meant to say that I haven’t witnessed the contest but I have heard the stories. There was something different about this year’s contest that’s partly why it made a splash in BBC, Guardian and other renowned newspapers around the globe.

Crowd’s favorite, William, who had held the title since 2012, claimed that the man who beat him to the title, Mison, only won because he has missing teeth and is not ‘naturally ugly’.

“You’re all ugly, okay, this is not a contest. Wait, it is a contest!”

From Left, William, Mison

Anyway, it’s really amazing how a low budget event such as this can bring people together  in an effort to change the way people see things.The premise of the contest really goes a long way in making people accept the things they can’t change about themselves.

Here is a video. Go wild!

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